A guide to using a Raspberry Pi as a USRP host

Needs a Raspberry Pi 4 or better because we have to support gigabit ethernet and fast enough disk writing (with USB 3.0 on an external SSD) for most practical applications.

Compiling UHD

grab code from the correct location

refer to Ettus guide about compiling from source

dependencies are mentioned there

numpy import problems with python 3

Compiling and running example applications

Compile the entire uhd/host folder

uhd/host/build/examples/rx_samples_to_file –args addr= –file test.dat –type=float –rate 10e6 –freq 900e6 –ant TX/RX –gain 0 –ref external –duration 3

Compiling custom code

Best idea so far is to write applications in the examples directory itself, add the new file to CMakeLists.txt in the examples folder. Cmake and make should take care of the rest UNTESTED

Guides to unexpected messy problems with a raspberry pi

Using external drives for storage


mount umount

adding fstab entries UUID=4C2C-BB96 /mnt/extssd0 exfat defaults,users,noatime,nofail,nobootwait 0 0

UDP buffer size

sudo sysctl -w net.core.wmem_max=2500000