I drove back to Pittsburgh after my internship at Apple in the Bay Area from August 25 to 31, 2019. Here are some interesting parts of that journey.

Day 1: Drive through Death Valley

“Save water” vs “water grows food” signs around I-5

One of the mot interesting things I saw on I-5 were the “save water” vs “dam water grows food” signs all along the highway.

What do I think about it? Southern California is basically a desert which feeds off irrigation. I think it’s fine to support some agriculture there but there’s no justification to grow water hungry crops like cotton and almonds.

Driving in Death Valley

Death Valley is a proper desert. It is very very hot, very very dry and has lots of twisty climbs and steep descends. My car AC was not even close to be being prepared for this. Thankfully, someone suggested carrying a water squirt bottle!

TODO: why is it challenging

TODO: Artist’s drive

Stargazing in Death Valley

I’d heard that Death Valley has one of the best night skies so I stopped by the road after sunset to experience it. A coyote showed up at the spot (probably having the same idea) and scared me away. A saw another coyote pup on the drive to the motel. They look like tiny dog puppies.

Fun fact: I passed by Area 51 on the way to my motel

Day 2: The Hoover Dam and the Grand Canyon

The Hoover Dam

Sunset at the Grand Canyon

Stargazing in the Grand Canyon

Day 3: More Grand Canyon and Lake Powell

Driving around the Grand Canyon

Through Navajo Nation

Horseshoe Bend and the

Day 4: Moab

Day 5: Over to Colorado

TODO: add waffle photo

Example waffle with ice cream

Day 6: Drive, drive, drive to St. Louis

Day 7: The final stretch to Pittsburgh